'Giant Fireball' Seen in Night Sky by Morris County Residents

Sky watchers throughout mid-Atlantic say they saw streaking fireball Monday night.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
If you were outside last night at about 8:30 or so, maybe you saw it: A giant fireball hurtling across the region.

The American Meteor Society has received 71 reports of the fireball, including reports from sky watchers in Morristown and Randolph. The fireball was spotted from as far north as Ridgefield, Connecticut and as far south as Richmond, Virginia, according to amsmeteors.org. 

"Just that I have never seen anything like this...nothing that bright, large, or breaking up. I expected to hear something but didn't...I turned off the radio but didn't hear anything," the witness from Morristown commented to the website.

Check out this video of a fireball seen over Ohio on Sept. 27.

Lanning Taliaferro contributed to this report. 

Did you see it? Did you get a photo or video? Share your observations here!


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