Six Homeless Solutions Apartments to be Ready in 2013

The Dumont Place-based housing placement organization began work at 81 Martin Luther King Ave. earlier this year.

Work continues at the latest Morristown project for Homeless Solutions, a six one-bedroom apartment building at 81 Martin Luther King Ave.

The Dumont Place-based housing placement organization announced Thursday the approval of a $120,000 capital funding loan by the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, which will help with costs for the $1.8 million project. Somerset Hills Bank, partnered with the FHLBNY, helped Homeless Solutions secure the loan.

Dan McGuire, director of headquarters development noted the property, a quarter-acre lot located next to Evergreen Cemetery, had been purchased in 2007, just before housing costs began to nosedive. "We liked the property there," he said, noting its proximity to not only a neighborhood park, but also a bus stop, as well as its accessibility by foot or bike to downtown Morristown. Work began on the project earlier this year.

The six one-bedroom apartments will be available for those that meet pre-approved criteria by the non-profit organization, which include those already homeless or at-risk.

The press release Thursday from Homeless Solutions noted a number of "green" elements being included in the project, including "high-efficiency fiberglass windows, insulated concrete forms with fly ash and local aggregate, low-flow water fixtures and toilets, photovoltaics and solar hot water, Energy Star-rated appliances, Hardie Plank siding, bamboo or linoleum flooring, formaldehyde-free countertops, cabinets and vanities, low volatile organic compound (VOC) or no VOC paints and sealants.

Like a project on Harrison Street in early 2011, McGuire said Homeless Solutions is keen to get those that either live, have lived or work in Morristown involved in their projects.

While anyone from anywhere is encouraged to reach out, "our philosophy is we want people to succeed as best they can," he said. "If you have someone applying who lives in town already or is working in town already, they have a support network, a connection to Morristown and a more successful outcome. That's important."

While applications are not yet being accepted for 81 Martin Luther King Ave., McGuire said interested parties can reach out to Property Manager Latesha Davis at the Dumont Place office now.

The project is anticipated to be completed sometime in early 2013, McGuire said.


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