LEGOs Through the Years on Display at Library

'Brick by Brick: Over 60 Years of LEGO Innovation and Inspiration' exhibit runs from Sept. 15 through Nov. 11 at the Morristown and Morris Township Library.

Who doesn't love LEGOs? Certainly not Chad Leinaweaver.

The Assistant Director at the enjoyed a robust collection during his childhood. So, one day, while the staff was discussing what exhibit should appear in the fall, a new book at the library caught his eye.

"The Cult of LEGO." While Leinaweaver is not as passionate about those multi-colored connecting blocks of plastic as those in the book, it did present a great idea for an exhibit.

That exhibit, "Brick by Brick: Over 60 Years of LEGO Innovation and Inspiration," will be on display in the F.M. Kirby Exhibition Gallery on the second floor of the library from Saturday, Sept. 15 through Nov. 11.

Just as the book's title suggests, "there is a whole cult of people out there that like collecting LEGOS," he said, linking that passion in this generation to model train collectors in previous generations.

Coincidentally, Leinaweaver said LEGO—which began in 1932 in Denmark as wooden toys—quietly celebrated its 80th anniversary in August, making the exhibit even more topical.

Since then, LEGO has gone on to become the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of toys and not only builds those familiar little bricks, but also has a line of video games, books based on their products and even theme parks in Florida, California, Europe and Malaysia. 

"But more than that, LEGO has encouraged people to make their own artistic creations, from master replicas of famous buildings to massive LEGO ‘towns’ from the sets they have collected over the years," Leinaweaver said.

Passionate, indeed.

The display will include much from Leinaweaver's own collection, as well as more modern sets borrowed for the exhibit, including ones depicting Star Wars and Harry Potter, among others. Also included with be information and pictures of some truly awe-inspiring creations that are not able to get to Morristown.

"The exhibit chronicles LEGO's roots and what they have done," Leinaweaver said. "We're showing that beyond the building toy, it has reached a life of its own."

For more information, including library hours, visit the Morristown and Morris Township Library website.


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