'Lady Mama' Ready to Take the Stage

Cristina Cappy will perform at fifth-annual Morristown's Got Talent.

When on the karaoke stage at , it's hard to keep Morristown resident Cristina Cappy out of the spotlight.

But, it took a little encouragement from her triplets–Normandy Park School third-graders Daniela, Vanessa and Bobby–for the singer to try out for .

"They made me do it," Cappy said, smiling.

Lucky they did, as she will join 15 other performances on Feb. 29, where she will sing Lady Gaga's "You and I."

"I'm called 'Lady Mama,'" Cappy said.

The George & Martha's bartender–born in Italy and raised in Paterson, moving to Morristown from Wayne in 1999–previously sang in Italian-American wedding bands and is no stranger to the performance.

However, Cappy said Daniela especially pushed her to try out. "'Mommy, you have to do it,'" she said.

It was Cappy's voice that, when her kids were babies, would help put the crying kids to sleep. This, despite them begging her to stop singing in the car, a joy she would pursue at the top of her lungs.

So, karaoke is no problem. Singing in the car is no problem. Singing to her children is no problem. So, what's the problem?

"I love to sing, I take it very seriously," Cappy said. "I'm totally secure in everything–except the stage. This is a big thing."

Despite her nervousness, she said she's all-in.

"I want to be the cool mom," Cappy said. "I hope to send a message to kids: Don't be afraid to take chances."

The fifth-annual Morristown's Got Talent will be held Feb. 29 at the Mayo Performing Arts Center. For more information, check out our MGT 2012 guide.


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