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No Body Denied Forms Another Green in Morristown

NBD gym offers a variety of workout options at new West Park Place location.

The new Green beneath the Green in Morristown.
The new Green beneath the Green in Morristown.

A few steps from the Morristown Green and an elevator ride down beneath the sidewalk is a second Green (third if you count the other online news site in town). But while the classic green is a gathering place for families and community to relax and take in the history and beauty of the downtown, this new green is a place to push limits and redefine your body and lifestyle.

“We call the section in the center of our training zone the Turf,” said No Body Denied (NBD) co-manager Jose Gandulla. “But people here started referring to it as the Green. ‘Is that class going to be on the Green?’ They really made it their own.”

According to Gandulla, the response to the gym opening a second location in Morristown (their flagship is in Springfield) has been overwhelmingly positive.

“They can’t get enough of this facility. There is one individual in particular, he is in here three times a day,” Gandulla said. “He understands all he has to do is show up and there is no longer guess work anymore. And once you know you are going to get results the enthusiasm and the motivation skyrockets.”

The NBD facility looks very much like a jungle gym for adults. There is a mix of traditional free weights, and spin bikes but paired with Keiser machines (that use air resistance for fluidity of motion) and other non-traditional workout tools like monster truck tires, sledgehammers, medicine balls, and more (see the gallery attached to this post for more details). Also there is the popular mixed martial arts Strike Zone which is part of the training area.

Gandulla said that the move away from traditional machines used in other gyms was deliberate.

“Machines have their place in history,” Gandulla said. “This is the evolution of fitness.”

According to Gandulla, those who join NBD will be put on a program that will translate into guaranteed results. 

“We realized people were spread thin in regards to health and fitness services, so we came up with the solution of offering everything under one roof combined with a nutritional program,” Gandulla said. “But it is individualized. For a woman over 50 with menopause, there is a concern for bone loss. Supplementation and exercise for her is not going to be the same for a 25-year-old male looking to run a warrior dash. But regardless of the program, we hold individuals accountable. And that is where the results come from.”

Gardulla said a large component in the success of the NBD philosophy comes from the personalized attention given to each client. 

“Everyone has the possibility of working with a trainer and to be part of the nutritional program,” Gardulla said. “We create the program from scratch and there is no base price. People have different needs and different budgets.” 

Gardulla said like with any service, if you want it done right, it is best to leave it to professionals.

“Leave the science to the professionals and you just reap the benefits,” Gardulla said. “And the results are guaranteed. But you have to do the workout.”

For more information visit the NBD website, call (973) 267-0050 or visit their location at 40 West Park Place in Morristown. 


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