Former Giants Quarterback Calling Financial Plays for Athletes in Morristown

Scott Brunner's management group helps high school athletes navigate college and young professional players prepare for life after the game.

Scott Brunner. Photo Credit Aol Jobs.
Scott Brunner. Photo Credit Aol Jobs.

Scott Brunner knows what it’s like to be a young athlete with a heap of money and no idea what to do with – or how to keep it.

That’s why he started his own financial advisory firm to assist young athletes and mentor college students as they embark on professional sports and the finances that come with them.

Brunner, 56, lives in Millburn and is the founder of Net Worth Management Group in Morristown. The former National Football League quarterback spent time playing with the New York Giants, Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals during a six-year career.

He spoke with Aol Jobs recently about his company and how it assists young athletes. After his football life, Brunner went into the building and development business, erecting homes and subdivisions in central and southern New Jersey. 

From there he moved over to Wall Street trading stocks and foreign currencies, where he’s been for the last 15 years. Two years ago, Brunner and a few partners came together to start Net Worth Management Group.

Brunner said he speaks with young athletes and helps guide them for what to do after the game is over, how they’ll still be young and need to plan for the future.

The management group assists high school athletes in making the financial jump to college as well.

Read the full article at Aol Jobs here. 

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