Last Minute Christmas Shopping on Craigslist

And, it's local, so you don't have to worry about deliveries by Tuesday!

It's almost here. And you, my friend, still have not finished your Christmas shopping.

For shame.

Fear not, procrastinator. That magical treasure trove of wonder, Craigslist, is here to save you. It accepts cash. You can accept the praise and admiration from those fortunate enough to reap these rewards.

  1. Give the Gift of Wine: Well, wine decanters in this case. $20 for the big one, $10 for the smaller one. Just imagine the look on your voracious vino connoisseur when they open this, get excited about the elixir inside only to find out—it's grape juice. Haha, April Fools!
  2. Give the Gift of Fitness and Style: Anyone can pick up a brand-new bike (and, I'm sure our favorite cycling merchant would agree). But, if ducats are a little tight as we get down to the wire, and you know someone who could use a style upgrade to their cycle routine, consider this sporty, 1980s Peugeot-brand bike for that fitness buff—or style buff—on your list. The seller is asking $100.
  3. Give the Gift of POWER: Such a gift may have been a lot weirder before Superstorm Sandy knocked out power to hundreds of thousands—and sent Generac's stock soaring. While this older generator isn't going to power up your whole house when the next big storm hits, it will keep your fridge cold and all that food from turning into toxic waste. It's also a lot less expensive than your average new model, at $149.
  4. Give the Gift of Morristown History: At least, according to this seller. Forgive us our ignorance—we've only been around for two-and-a-half years. Can anyone shed some light (perhaps, the neon light from this $195 sign) on whether or not there used to be a place here called the Savana Cafe, "the cafe of homestyle cooking?"
  5. Give the Gift of a 'Reliable Delivery Driver:' They claim they are courteous and professional. "You find it, we move it." And if they look like Napoleon and Kip while doing it, all the better.

Merry Christmas!


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