Looking Back at Businesses Closed in 2012

Slate includes young restaurants, decades-old Morristown icons.

Morristown may be a hair or two under just three square miles, but there's a lot of commerce to be had. As with any densely-packed sardine can, many new faces find their way onto the scene—and many say "goodbye."

Here, we look back at the businesses that shuttered in 2012. If you know of any others we missed, let us know in the comments. And, of course, to read about the many businesses that opened the past year, click here.

Greenberry's Closing at End of Day Tuesday

"Leasing complications" and a "weak economic climate" are being blamed for the sudden closure of Greenberry's Coffee and Tea, which will shut its doors for the last time at the end of business on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Hennessey's Washington Bar to Close by End of Year

Potential new owners have submitted plans to town that would call for larger dining area, smaller bar area.

Health Shoppe Closing Doors After Over 40 Years

Morristown and Chester locations closing to customers at end of June, unless a buyer can be found.

Zebu Forno Closing Doors on Tuesday

After almost two years, Zebu Forno is closing its doors at the end of the day Tuesday.

Tart & Tufo Has Closed its Doors

Before self-serve froyo invaded Morristown, this South Street business had cornered the market.

Domb Lighting History to be Auctioned Off

Ford Model T among items to be sold as part of business closure.

The Speedwell Avenue Italian cafe has closed its doors.

Morristown Dairy Has Closed its Doors

Cafe sold soups, sandwiches in addition to desserts.

Edward france January 02, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Life is all about change. There needs to be a small business loan department in some of of our many local banks to help new store start ups. So many of these banks do not seem to show enough interest in helping new start ups. There is so much talent and work ethic here. Sad that much of it does not have a pipeline to the big banks. Wells Fargo made recod profits last year, Do they put enough of it back into our community? You tell me.


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