Take 'Virtual Tour' of Morristown ShopRite

Child care, yoga classes, health diagnostics, dieticians, personal shoppers and a dizzying array of eatery options comprise the new Hanover Avenue supermarket.

The Greater Morristown Area ShopRite.
The Greater Morristown Area ShopRite.
You aren't even in the door before the Greater Morristown Area ShopRite, located in Cedar Knolls on Hanover Avenue, begins to set itself apart from other stores in the area.

Indeed a display of instructional cooking videos with corresponding ingredients, based on seasonal or sale items, is in the entrance way. Just through those main doors is the pharmacy, dietician and exercise studio. It is a fully functional wellness center, complete with higi machine that provides automated checks of blood pressure and weight.

"We are very proud of our wellness center," said Amanda Fischer, Director of Business Relations for Village Super Market, Inc.

According to Fischer the dietician services, counseling from the pharmacists, use of the higli machine and classes in the exercise studio are all offered free of charge.

"We have classes seven days a week. Guest can sign up for these classes in front of the wellness center up to one week before the scheduled class"," Fischer said.

The studio is also available, also for free, for groups of 20 people or less to hold meetings with the caveat that they not bring in outside food. This open policy with the community, which includes free child care for up to 90 minutes while caregivers shop, is part of a reimagining of the relationship between the store and the customer.

"We have a guest relations desk rather than a customer service one," Fischer said. "This is because we view those who come here as guests in our home more than as customers in a store."

Everything about the ShopRite in Cedar Knolls is designed to make the shopping experience an easier one. Even the aforementioned child care, the Learning Center for Future Geniuses, is set up to put parents minds at ease.

"We have a certified teacher on staff and they have a series of games and activities that they play for the time they are here," Fischer said. "And the children and parents are wrist-banded for security and we have cameras monitoring them."

Fischer said the store would be increasing their activities and offerings for the week school is closed for break. Fischer said that the store was committed to wellness, and that means making the shopping experience not only easier, but offering things others might not have.

"This creates a really loyal shopper," Fischer said.
The Village Food Garden has a patio with retractable roof where culinary classes are held, a liquor department, an assortment of different stations (like a smokehouse fed by a 700 pound smoker) and eateries (see the gallery attached to this post for more details) but all are tied to the concept of providing an experience above and beyond.

"You can find almost anything here you could want," Fischer said. "And if we don't have it, you can ask and we can try to get it for you."

According to Fischer, all cooking is done on premises from scratch by their team of over 70 chefs and cooks. Even the seafood is delivered seven days a week.

The store also has a catering coordinator, Kin Kuscin, whose job it is to make sure all disparate catering orders are tracked.

"This way you just call one person," Fischer said.

There is also a maitre d' in the village food garden, a licensed cosmetologist to assist in the skin care and beauty department and a co-op market that fills the center of the store.

"It is always changing," Fischer said. "We have a buyer who is always looking for people are interested in. So it changes every week. It is sort of like a treasure hunt."

And what about those customers who might find the visit to such a massive store overwhelming? Well they have that covered to.

"We have ShopRite from Home," Fischer said. "You can order your groceries online or on your mobile app and pick it up for a $10 charge. And delivery is $16."

Tell us: Do you find all the bells and whistles drawing you back to the new ShopRite? Do you have a favorite station? Tell us in our comments below.

Barbara sebiri December 12, 2013 at 03:09 PM
Shop Rite is a great new store--we are lucky to have it. However, I thought it was going to be open later hours--is the change to 10 PM permanent?
Brenda Carter December 17, 2013 at 04:28 PM
This place looks amazing!!!!!!! The virtual tour makes me wish I was there right now!!! All the great choices - I wish I was still in Joisey to partake of all the choices in that new Shop-Rite - but it will be on my must-see/go to when I return for a visit -


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