Original Music School Ready to Rock Morristown

Studio located in former Milk Money consignment shop.

Create, don't imitate.

That is the motto for Anthony Vitale, whose opened in Morristown in October.

First opening in Cedar Knolls six years ago, Vitale–whose several decades in the music industry include a partnership with Grammy-award winning producer John Rollo–wanted to build a music environment that was much more than just learning to cover someone else's music.

"I have wanted to teach kids to speak with their own voice, not someone else's," Vitale said from his new space at 26 Morris St., formerly home to the Milk Money children's consignment shop.

Although many of his clients are younger, Vitale welcomes musicians and wanabes alike from any age, "9 to 90," he said. More than just one general purpose (learning a song, learning how to play, etc.), Vitale said he wanted to create an environment that invites creativity, whether that's a band trying to put together an album, or a husband-to-be who wants to write a song for his future wife.

There are unique people coming through Original Music School, an element to the overall Morristown landscape that have benefited both his business, and Morristown on a whole.

"I call it my island of misfit toys," said Vitale, who grew up in Madison and now lives in Harding Township. "We all get each other."

Not just a studio but also a place for like-minded people to hang out, Vitale said sessions often go beyond the instruments, into conversations about everything from school to religion.

"It's amazing, it's a party," he said. "We learn on both sides of the glass."

Morristown was actually Vitale's first choice for opening the studio six years ago. But, a booming real estate market at the time made that impossible. While the former Milk Money space is about a third the size of what he had in Cedar Knolls, every corner of it is being used, or will be once all renovations are complete.

Finally at home in Morristown, Vitale is excited about the possibilities for his musical progenies performing here and beyond, creating a unique musical environment that isn't just about playing music, but in everything in a person's life.

"Be creative in whatever you do," Vitale said.


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