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Songs You Might See Us Sing at Karaoke

George & Martha's provides outlet for wannabes.

A little karaoke for the midweek blues is just what the doctor (in this case, Dr. Patch) ordered. What luck, at

What luck, we're very shameless and will likely be there. If we are there, here are a couple songs you might find us embarassing ourselves with.

  1. You Need to Know About 'Epic:' In a former life, the editor of this fine website had hair down to there, much as Faith No More singer Mike Patton did when he joined the band and recorded this little diddy all the way back in 1989. My goodness, has it been that long?
  2. You Need to Know About 'Weird Science:' What's wrong with a little Oingo Boingo? Especially when it calls to mind the lovely Kelly LeBrock in her prime and images of Anthony Michael Hall with a bra on his head.
  3. You Need to Know About 'Drive:' A classic from The Cars: Heartbeat City, one of the first albums we ever owned.
  4. You Need to Know About 'The Space Between:' This popular Dave Matthews Band song holds a special place in our hearts, as it was the first song we ever sang in karaoke. You never forget your first.
  5. You Don't Need to Know About 'Don't Stop Believin':' In fact, no one who ever sings karaoke in the history of ever needs to ever know about this Journey song ever, ever again. Just sayin' (also, without the "g").


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