That's That: Tart & Tufo Store is Empty

'Sorry. We Are Closed' signs went up a week ago; by Oct. 8, the place was cleared out.

The signs making the announcement went up last week, but this really puts the period on the point.

By Monday, Tart & Tufo's South Street location was completely empty. A week before, "

It was a sudden end for a business that specialized in frozen yogurt, a business that had opened prior to the wave of self-service froyo joints—three on the same street—including Strawberry Fields just a couple doors down.

While Tart & Tufo had gone beyond its competition, offering other items like coffee, sandwiches and other desserts, it appears that was not enough.

Patch will keep you updated on what ultimately replaces this downtown Morristown business.

Chris October 08, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Since there are about 5 FroYo places in Morristown that opened up at about the same time, I knew that one of these places was going to go under soon. RIP T&T. I wonder what's going to go in next?


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