Year End Deals on Craigslist

What are your neighbors practically (and actually in some cases) giving away in anticipation of 2013?

The end of 2012 is upon us! And, there are closets in need of clearing in anticipation of more than a few resolutions. On the converse, you may need to add to your own collection in some way. "Beer Art," anyone?

  1. In 2013, Enter the METAL ZONE: This takes this humble, formerly long-haired heavy metal geek back about 20 years. What better time to enter the METAL ZONE than in 2013 and with this $30 distortion pedal?
  2. Not Everyone Needs the Latest: Digital cameras are ubiquitous and constantly improving. But, if you don't need a 1,000 megapixel 2012 model, and are not interested in spending a ton of cash, you may want to check out this digital camera, for $40.
  3. Fifteen Dollar Flare Bombs: These antique roadside flares, apparently once called flare bombs, are up for $15 each. Man, they look heavy. After lugging these suckers, you may need a cold one. If that's not available ...
  4. 'Beer Geek Artwork:' Need something to take your home bar or "man cave" to the next level? This Jardine Road resident may have the perfect item—"beer geek artwork," hundreds of beer bottle caps glued together. It's free, and it's in front of his (his? Why are we assuming this is a man?) house as of Friday, Dec. 28. Go get it!
  5. Beer Art and Free Furniture: This Jardine Road dude is the man (or, woman, neither listing says)! In addition to the "beer geek artwork," a free stereo rack cabinet is up for grabs. Happy 2013!


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