Councilman Dies, Back to School Top Morristown News

Also, bird knocks out power to 2,400 and Rockaway Township judge delays ruling if Morristown employee abused dog.

Longtime Morristown Democrat councilman Anthony Cattano has died. Mayor Tim Dougherty confirmed Cattano's passing Tuesday night, after a long battle with cancer.

Morristown's Director of Human Services will have to wait at least another couple weeks to find out if a Rockaway Township judge believes he abused his dog.

Now, let's hope they're as happy about going to school the rest of the year, too.

A bird flew into utility wires Sunday morning near the intersection of Sussex and Speedwell avenues in Morristown, causing 2,432 customers in Morristown and Morris Township to lose power, the electric company said.

The only one of three Morristown men charged as an adult with raping an intoxicated female teenager in 2011 had his bail maintained at $150,000 Thursday, according to a Daily Record article.

Give a hearty shout in the warehouse at and you just might hear an echo. That is because a 13 percent increase from May through July in demand for food staples—everyday things from bread to milk, cereal to soup—has nearly stripped them of supply.

A group of Canadian men were upset when they were not allowed into a DeHart Street bar at closing time and then got into an altercation nearby with at least two other men over the weekend, said.

Gov. Chris Christie wants utility companies held accountable for their emergency preparedness. Following the findings of a Board of Public Utilities (BPU) investigation released Wednesday, Christie proposed legislation empowering regulators to levy hefty fines against utilities.


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