Everyday is a Holiday

As summer bids adieu, we can still find ways to celebrate.

Summer is just about over. Granted, most consider Labor Day the unofficial end. But, by tomorrow, Sept. 22, it will officially be fall. Boo hoo.

Personally, we love the changing of seasons. So much so, we want to celebrate!

What a perfect segue for today's "5 Things," where we look at some of the interesting holidays Sept. 21 has, and ways you can celebrate them right here in Morristown.

  1. You Need to Know About Croissants Birthday: According to several sites that list all the obscure holidays there are, it was 1529, including the always-reliable Wikipedia. This one places it in the 1600s. Who cares? Celebrate with one of these delicious, flaky treats at one of our fine bakeries, including and . Don't worry about all the fat, carbs and butter. It's the holidays!
  2. You Need to Know About Miniature Golf Day: Sadly, we don't have a mini golf course in Morristown (are you listening, potential business owners?). But, you could always get into the spirit of golf by buying some clothes the pros wear, at . We were at a Jos. A. Bank in Georgia a few weeks ago and got a nice polo shirt on clearance ... fore! ... $20.
  3. You Need to Know About International Banana Festival: They call it a festival, but it's also a holiday? Again, we're not complaining. Go eat a banana. Because they're delicious.
  4. You Need to Know About the UN International Day of Peace: Another holiday we can all get behind. Go for a walk in Burnham Park, say "hello" to a stranger you pass along the Green. Have a nice sit-down and breathe. Ahh, that's better. Thanks, holiday!
  5. You Need to Know About World Gratitude Day: This one is easy. Let us all be grateful for our good health, good fortune, good friends, etc. Go and hug a tree! And, if you let us know when and where, we'll come by and take a picture. We're serious.


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