John Gives Carin a Bath

"Try This, Morristown!" gives one lovely, well-trained dog at The Seeing Eye a nice walk and a refreshing wash.

Washing and filling dog bowls for the two times a day the hungry dogs at The Seeing Eye eat might sound boring, but, like the myriad jobs available to willing volunteers, it's needed.

And while some of the more "glamorous" job available (like walking and bathing these pretty pups) have a waiting list, you can walk in today and ask to be a volunteer dog bowl cleaner for the  dog guide school.

"There's really something for everyone," said Leslie Hyman, the senior consultant for human resources at The Seeing Eye, which has its main headquarters on Washington Valley Road, in Morris Township. "All departments use volunteers."

That includes clerical workers, archivists, fundraisers, researchers, online order fulfillment workers, and drivers who go to and from their breeding facility in Chester. And, yes, walkers and bathers.

However, those two jobs have a waiting list. Many others do not. But, no matter your interest, Hyman said, The Seeing Eye is always looking for more volunteers.

Carin was certainly a lot easier to manage than most dogs I have had the good fortune of knowing. Even the dog-bowl washing, which didn't make the video up there, was fun. It's pretty hard not to have a good time with so many dogs around, even if you still have to clean up their leavings afterward. They are very well-trained, but not that well-trained.

For more information about volunteering with The Seeing Eye, e-mail Leslie Hyman at lhyman@seeingeye.org or call 973-539-4425.


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