Mark Your Calendars: Nov. 7, First Snow of the Season

One week after tropical storm, Morristown area hit with wintry mix.

By noon Wednesday, the white stuff was in the air. And, no, we're not talking about the mass of shredded paper pulp that was dumped on the sidewalk near the Green after Sandy came through.

Because everything needs to have a name in the media, what is now being called Winter Storm Athena is expected to not only bring snow and, later, rain, but also wind gusts of potentially over 40 miles per hour. Officials here Tuesday called for caution, as some still deal with issues related to last week's storm.

Enough is enough? At least for one young child at Starbucks, the wintery stuff was just fine. "It's snowing really hard right now, it's really getting hard," she said, before telling her father on the phone, "I'm having a cream cheese bagel."

At least, it's something somebody can get behind.


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