Morristown for Sale: Christmas in May, and Barbicide

What are your neighbors selling on Craigslist?

After two weeks some in Morristown, we're back on Craigslist this week here at "Morristown for Sale." Are you glad? Do you prefer the homes? Like them both? Vote in the poll after the post!

  1. Where's the Love? Seriously, it's not like tube televisions haven't been around for a century. Yet, this lister feels the need to let people know their "Tube Type TV" is what is for sale for $30. Still, it may not be as bad as this one, at $25, which bluntly states, "needs to go." Did you two have a fight? 
  2. It's Christmas in May: Feel the Yuletide spirit today with this wooden Christmas reindeer, "discounted to $7." Coming from a smoke-free environment, the seller notes it can hold cards "or anything." ? But, hurry up, because it needs to be gone in a few days.
  3. Sounds Dangerous: We had to look up what "Barbicide" was, because it sounded like something we didn't want to be part of. It's actually a disinfectant used in many barber shops for combs and scissors and whatnot. Though, it can be dangerous. According to the always-accurate Wikipedia, "consumption of as little as 50ml of the stuff can cause a person's system to go into shock and may lead to death if not treated quickly." Ouch. This vintage Barbicide jar, for $25, doesn't come with said solution.
  4. It's Schlitz O'Clock: After a long, hard day at work, crack open a cold one and light up this Schlitz-brand beer sign to let everyone know their problems can wait until you've drained a pint. The seller is asking for $90.
  5. Rocking Out: You could head over to a music shop and pick up something new. Or, you could be the next owner of this 1973 Ibanez-brand Les Paul guitar, complete with a bunch of stuff we don't know about because we don't play an instrument. $599 later, you could be rocking this bad boy at next year's . Unless, of course, you can't actually play the thing. It does look cool, though.



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