Nothing Beats Free: 5 No-Cost Options for Entertainment This Week

Keep your eyes, and calendars, open for these economically-advantaged options.

The fewer times we have to pull out our wallets to be entertained, the better. And, in a place like Morristown, where so much is happening at one time, that is a surprisingly easy practice, if you know where to look.

Morristown Patch.

As we begin another week of work, let us look for ways to relax, wind down, be cultured, be at peace and take it easy, while taking it easy on our budgets.

  1. You Need to Know You Can Go to the Park Again: That is, you can go without having to trudge through mountains of snow, or without getting your shoes lost in the muddy runoff (well, there might still be some of that). It may be rainy today, but the extended forecast calls for a beautiful day on Wednesday, partly cloudy and in the 50s, so make sure to visit Loantaka or Burnham Park on your lunch break.
  2. You Need to Know About Art Around the Park, Take 2: This event, organized by multiple art galleries and organizations in town, including the Arts Council of the Morris Area, was originally scheduled for Feb. 1 but was rescheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. March 1 because of all that snow that's now melted away. So, head out around town and be cultured for free!
  3. You Need to Know About Meditation: With all the yuck that can pollute our minds, it's no wonder the littlest things can stress us out. Head to the second floor of , where Empty Bowl Zendo holds Tuesday evening meditations every week starting at 6:25 p.m. Free, but a donation is appreciated.
  4. You Need to Know About Group Runs, Group Rides, Group Events: We have highlighted various activities over time, including group runs from , but they are not the only one, and Thursday's beginner's run is not the only time. An all-abilities run meets Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m., the , and a . Also, has , and has rides from Loantaka on Sunday mornings. You (meaning, I) have no excuse not to get fit! Be sure to check beforehand that meetup times are accurate. And, if they're not, let us know, too!
  5. You Need to Know About World Prayer Day: Rounding out the week, various religious institutions, including The Presbyterian Church in Morristown, will be open and available to all for World Prayer Day, which is Friday, March 4. Be sure to check with your preferred church to see if they also are offering this service.


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