Prius Beats Folding Bike in Commuter Challenge 2

TransOptions, Marty's Reliable Cycle-organized event held on May 9.

Call it a sophomore slump.

At . In the end, Matthew Vance's Daikon folding bicycle beat the rest.

But, in this year's follow-up, the rules were a little altered to better mirror real-world situations. Instead of everyone starting from the Madison train station, they started from Drip Coffee on Main Street. That meant Vance would have to take his bike over to the train station first. Also new this year was the addition of several other riders, including Marty Epstein of , Paul Miller of and a pair of electric bike riders, Eric Noonan of Marty's, and Kevin Coughlin of MorristownGreen.com. And, the vehicle they were competing against this year was a plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius from Toyota of Morristown.

So, who won? Click on the video to find out.


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