Sunbathing in the Summer

Where to go, plus recommendations on what to bring to eat and drink.

It's going to be a hot one today. With temperatures approaching 90 and high humidity, most will prefer to head indoors than be out of them. 

But, if you have to be outside, why not enjoy it? With a nice bite to eat, or a nice drink, the experience will be even more enjoyable.

  1. You Need to Know About the Spray Beside the Fountain: Heading over to the Green? Beat the heat by having a sit-down by the gushing fountain. While you're in the area, grab an iced coffee from
  2. You Need to Know About Burnham Park: Speaking from experience, a lovely afternoon was spent at this Washington Street destination sitting on a bench, watching the rippling water reflect the sun, while munching on Edy's Dibs purchased nearby at . Today seems as good of a day than any.
  3. You Need to Know About the Benches Outside of : Call me crazy, but I have enjoyed several lunches of various sandwiches purchased at (including the tasty ham and swiss wrap) with a can of Arizona Arnold Palmer, as I watched the endless stream of South Street traffic whiz by.
  4. You Need to Know About Away from the bustle of downtown, why not find a nice shady tree and cozy up with a can of Coke and sandwich from ? Yes, we know they are nowhere near the park, but . And, I'm hungry.
  5. You Need to Know About the New Pocket Park: Oops, sorry, wishful thinking. . This would be a perfect place to snack on a bag of tortilla chips and homemade salsa from . For now, I guess you can go inside. Brrr!






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