Welcome to June, Morristown!

Summer is so close, you can smell the sunscreen.

It's June 1 already?! Are you kidding?

Fetch us our flip-flops and SPF 400.

  1. You Need to Know About Our Rich History: Did you know Morristown was a historic place? Whaaaat? I know, surprised us, too. Learn more about it on one of the "Historic Walking Tours." Most of them revolve around our beloved town, with the first, "Secrets and Lore of Historic Morristown," being held on June 4. Check their site for the full summer schedule.
  2. You Need to Know About Bike Rides! Were you making the excuse (like us) that it was "too cold," "too wet," "I don't ride on any day that ends in 'day'"? Sorry, those aren't going to fly anymore. While not in our beloved Morristown, some of us around here are excited for the "Revolutionary Ramble," on June 11 from Drew University. And, of course, holds several group rides, including
  3. You Need to Know About The Pool: That is, the Burnham Park Pool, which will be opening on June 18. Click here for registration instructions.
  4. You Need to Know The Official Start of Summer is 21 Days Away: That's only three weeks, folks. Though, temperatures have made many think it already was here. Enjoy them at one of Morristown's outdoor seating optional dining establishments, or perhaps under a shade tree on the Green.
  5. You Need to Know The Last Day of Classes is June 23: So, parents, enjoy your days while you still can.





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