When You've Gotta Go: Five Houses With Lots of Bathrooms

House Hunt flushes out some of the properties available.

Did you grow up in a home with, gasp, one bathroom? Do you remember mornings, trying to get ready for school, when your older brother seemed to take forever in the shower, and all you wanted to do was brush your teeth?

Today, newer homes almost never come with just one bathroom. Often, they're equipped with more bathrooms than there are bedrooms.

This week, we look at some of the properties currently on the market that make that scnenario above a thing firmly in the past.

Mary E Rowlands April 10, 2011 at 01:08 AM
The house on Speedwell reminds me of my Aunt Gussy & Uncle Peter's house. They lived in Morristown and would come to visit us in Warren Co in their Model T. This was in the fifties and early sixties. I remember visiting them but their was yellow w/ white trim. No clue though as to where it was.


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