Chester Teen Launches Fundraiser for Autistic Brother's Sports Costs

11-year-old's sensory issues 'melt away' when he performs with cheer team, sister says.

Kaleigh and Kameron Addison of Chester. Photo Courtesy Kaleigh Addison
Kaleigh and Kameron Addison of Chester. Photo Courtesy Kaleigh Addison

Kameron Addison loves teamwork. The 11-year-old boy is part of the Gems Cheer Stars in Randolph and enjoys every minute of it.

What’s different about the Chester resident, though, is that Kameron has Autism. While loud noises, certain lights and large crowds can often bother Kameron, when he’s on the floor performing with his team, he’s right at home.

“We discovered when he performs on stage, even if he doesn’t do everything 100% right, he is loving every minute and all the sensory issues he has seem to melt away,” said Kaleigh Addison, Kameron’s 13-year-old sister. “The loud music and crowds and bright lights doesn’t worry him like it normally does.”

Kameron was right at home on his last cheer team in California before the family relocated to Morris County last fall. Now that he’s found a new cheer team to be part of, he’s ready to give it his all.

With that effort comes a cost, though, as the competition team requires travel and uniform expenses.

Kaleigh, a cheerleader herself and one of Kameron’s coaches on his California team, has launched a GoFundMe site to help pay for Kameron’s costs as part of the special needs cheer team.

Kaliegh Addison has set the fundraising goal at $1,500 for her brother’s overall cost this season and, as of Thursday morning, had already brought in $200.

To donate to Kameron Addison and his cheer team costs, visit the GoFundMe page here.

Watonka Addison May 15, 2014 at 12:36 PM
Way to go Kaleigh and Kameron, we are very proud of you both!


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