Morris Men (and Women) Get Hairy For Good Cause

Mustaches grown over the last five weeks are part of fundraiser drive for men's cancer research.

November may be over, but Movember continues through this Friday with time left to donate funds in support of men’s health and wellness and more specifically, to fund research to fight men's cancers.

Morristown resident Frank Moran is the captain of the Mos of Morris, which represents hairy-lipped team members from across the county and their goal is drive as much attention to the cause as possible while having fun doing so.

The fundraiser started in Melbourne, Australia a decade ago with 30 guys participating and since then it has swelled to a global movement with 4 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across 21 countries.  Moran first heard of the Movember movement through social media and has participated over the last four years. This year, however he is the captain of his own team.

“In previous years I raised money as an individual and this was the first time I was able to get enough local friends excited about the movement.  Growing a mustache is not the most pleasant thing for young guys to do and in previous years I had a lot of guys on the fence but with it's increasing popularity and some friendly coaxing we were able to get some solid numbers,” Moran said. “I’m hoping that next year we will have even more traction and the team will grow.”

Moran is not one to normally wear facial hair, so it was a trial an error process deciding on which to keep for the month.

“I’m definitely clean shaven the other 11 months out of the year.  In previous years I have experimented with different Movember Staches,” Moran said. “Last year I tried the handlebar which is the least silly looking of the styles I have tried thus far.  I think my girlfriend Kate who has always been a big supporter (and Mo Sista) has convinced herself she likes it in order to get through the month.”

Moran said he has received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family, not only in words of encouragement, but donations as well.  

“For the most part its all good things, from words of encouragement and donations to styling tips and stories about the old days when the mustache was coolest thing around,” Moran said. “ You also get some healthy jams but that’s what its all about – growing the mustache to raise money can be compared to running a marathon to raise funds.  Its not always that easy and that’s part of the reason folks donate.”

Moran recently won a contest that was organized by Captivate Network where they are going to now donate an extra $500 to his Movember profile and the captain said he is up for a repeat performance next year.

“I think even if I decided not to ask for donations next year, I would still grow the lip fur in order to show support for the cause, solidarity for fellow Mo Bros and to help raise awareness for the cause and for men's cancers,” Moran said.

For more information on the team and to donate, visit the team's website.


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