Santa's Credentials Questioned By Church

Morris Township church says 'Santa didn't die for anyone.' Good message? Or has it gone too far?

We can't seem to escape the talk about the "war on Christmas." For years people have been lamenting the watering down of Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. Many blame the hypersensitive society that we live in that is so focused on political correctness.

This year, a new target was found: Santa Claus.

Recently, Fox News Host Megyn Kelly discussed a piece by Slate's Aisha Harris about how the typical representation of Santa Claus as a white man had been confusing in her youth. Kelly assured the audience that the jolly fellow was white, sparking a firestorm of debate.

The debate on the origins and traditions of Santa has been around for a long time, but we never had a name for it until now, the global war on Santa.

A version of that war appears to have arrived here at home as the marquee out in front of the Washington Valley Chapel in Morris Township has on one side the phrase "Santa Didn't Die For Anyone" and on the other side "Merry Mas, Not The Same Without Christ."

The first phrase appears to be a reference and comparison to the Christian belief that Jesus Christ died for our collective sins and points out that Santa Claus did not. The second is a variation of "keep Christ in Christmas."

Pastor John Kalis told NJ.com that the church regularly uses their signage to present provocative, truthful messages

"The idea behind the messages currently posted is simply this: the only gift of any lasting value is eternal life, which Jesus Christ offers to any and all for free through the forgiveness of sins — which we have all committed, no exceptions — by his sacrifice on a cross," Kalis said. "I can't think of another gift of greater value, or that will endure, to rival this gift."

Tell us: Has the Kahdena Road church gone too far with its messaging? Or is it an appropriate reminder of the meaning of the season? Share in the comments below.
David Steketee December 19, 2013 at 07:34 AM
Then he should also get rid of Christmas trees, presents, lights, mistletoe, wreaths, etc., since they all come from the Pagan celebrations which were co-opted by the early Christian church. And, he should probably move Christmas to Spring when Jesus was actually born.


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