5 (Plus 1) Favorite 'Munchies' Reviews of 2011

Because we all need at least one end-of-year countdown.

What do you know, it's an end-of-the-year roundup article!

We have not done too many of these this year, which is fine, since we are trying to deliver the most current news as possible. But, hey, this is food we're talking about. And, if there's anything Morristown is known for, it's its food. So, we must pay homage.

Note: You might have noticed a few months ago when one-half of the writing crew, Vincent Gragnani, took a powder. . So, with expanding bellies, Editor John Dunphy took on the task all his own. That said, none of Vincent's reviews are on here, simply because it was not this writer's palate that experienced those restaurants.

Also, just because a place is not mentioned here does not mean it might not have been a fantastic experience. There are just some dining experiences that go beyond the beyond, and we could only cheat this whole "5 Things" thing by one. More than that, and the whole thing falls apart. Enjoy!

  1. You Need to Know About Nara: This not only was an enjoyable meal, we still laugh at the location. Yes, it's visible, it's fine, but you have to cross through the Burger King drive-thru to get inside.
  2. Oh, Longfellow's. Hands down, this has become our favorite sub shop of all time. And, it's not like they do anything remarkably different than the norm. It just works.
  3. We love Indian food. Only the magic of kimchi and other Korean delicacies beats it out. So, when we finally visited the lunch buffet at Caffe India earlier this year, we wondered what took so long. A classic, through and through.
  4. When cycling through the past year's "Morristown Munchies" reviews, we did not take long to decide which five would make this list. It all comes down to feel, when we remember the experience. On a very quiet Monday night, we dined at Tim Schafers, and did not leave disappointed.
  5. This one definitely was a treat for these theater lovers. Situated next to The Community Theatre, Brick Oven was another place we had passed many times, and had yet to try. We were very glad to finally change that in September.

It took us near to the end of the year to finally experience this cozy little restaurant on Market Street. And, so many people had told us to try it. Sometimes, we're hard of hearing. As with this Grade A spot, we really should have listened sooner.

Steve B December 29, 2011 at 06:27 PM
Marjan, Tomato Pie, and Macho Nacho are my three other favorites that didn't make your list, but don't know what I'd remove to put them in so I agree, good list.
John Dunphy December 29, 2011 at 06:40 PM
We reviewed Marjan in 2010, so they couldn't make the list. Very good, tho. Tomato Pie was pretty good, but didn't rise to the top. Haven't been to MN yet.


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