Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?

Real ones smell nice, but fakes are the tree that keeps on giving.

For the Christmas-celebrating set, it's an eternal question: Real or fake? Trees, that is.

In your youth, do you remember going with Dad to the Christmas Tree vendor at the edge of town? Purchasing it? Lugging it home? Setting it up in the living room? Do you remember the smell? That pine scent was better than any Pine Sol bottle. And, it just smelled like Christmas.

Three weeks after Christmas, the family finally decided to throw out the tree. Or, at least, the branches of the tree, as about 90 percent of the needles didn't make it out the front door.

As you grew older, the family decided a fake tree made more sense. It was a one-time purchase. And, every year, you brought it out from the attic, clicked the branches into the center base. Strung the lights, put on the ornaments. It was just as good as the real thing, right?


Some never go the fake route. No matter how many needles end up imbedded in the carpet. No matter how many times the dog decides to pee on it. Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

For others: No, thanks.

Which brings us to our "Question of the Day:" Real or fake? Is the scent nice but not worth the hassle? The yearly expense? The needles? Or, is the process just part of what makes this "the most wonderful time of the year?" Or, do you just find the entire concept of putting a tree (real or fake) in your house kind of silly? Chime in below.


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