Cornerstone Family Programs Asks, “Do You Love a Vet?”

(November 2013)

 According to an American Public Health Association study, veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are at substantially higher risk for mental health issues compared to those of us who have not served: 14% experience post-traumatic stress disorder; 39% alcohol abuse; and 3% drug abuse. Major depression, along with suicide, is also a substantial problem and the incidence is highest for our service members serving in the Army and Marines.


Cornerstone Family Programs has good news for families struggling with the stresses and strains of military service!  Our social worker Leslie Young, LSW, specializes in issues related to combat and understands the challenges unique to military families. Her counseling is free for combat veterans and their family members, available day or evening and located conveniently in Morristown.  Appointments can be scheduled without a visit to the VA, so all you need to do is call Cornerstone Family Programs at 973-538-5260 to schedule an appointment—no red tape!


(Source is "Mental and Physical Health Status and Alcohol and Drug Use Following Return From Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan." Susan V. Eisen, PhD) ___________________________________


Cornerstone Family Programs is a 200 year old private, nonprofit organization that strengthens the community by empowering individuals and families to overcome life’s challenges.  Cornerstone provides counseling, education, advocacy and support to give children the best start in life, keep older adults independent and in their homes, build and maintain healthy families and prevent substance abuse.  For more information about Cornerstone Family Programs, call 973-538-5260 or visit www.cornerstonefamilyprograms.org.  


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