Cough! Cough! Uh Oh ... Who's Got the Sniffles?

Ever hear "I hear it's going around" and want to scream?

Over the past week, it has become evident that this particular area of the Patchiverse has caught a bug or two.

This one is sniffling. That one is sneezing. The one writing this piece has a scratchy throat. Quick! Someone fetch us some zinc tablets!

Whether it's the end of autumn or the beginning of spring, a common saying when pointing out one's pending or current illness is, "Oh, yeah, I hear it's going around," which sounds like a knee-jerk reaction, but may actually hold water this time.

Which brings us to our "Question of the Day:" Who's got it out there, Morristown? Time for some Nyquil, a trip to or are you fit as a fiddle? Don't worry, you can be honest ... we hear it's going around.


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