In NH, Newark Mayor Says It's Time for Dems to Fight Back

Cory Booker takes jabs at Romney, Christie at UNH stop.

In New Hampshire campaigning for President Obama on Friday, Newark Mayor Cory Booker fired a few jabs at Mitt Romney and his campaign surrogate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Asked if he thinks now is the time to fight, as Obama recently stated, Booker replied that yes, sometimes that's the only way to get the message across.

"I like to punish people with facts," Booker said. "They are irrefutable about what happened. I look at Mitt Romney's first ads – blatant lies. We can't let people get away with that."

He also took issue with Christie. He joked with the crowd, saying, "There's a very shy governor of my state – you probably haven't heard of him because he's very soft spoken. He's up here, he's a very pugilistic man, he's punching at my president like crazy."

But Booker said he thinks there are "honorable ways" in an election to get points across, by using the truth. "At the end of the day, the truth will set you free."

Booker, a rising star in the Democratic Party, made those remarks during an afternoon stop at the University of New Hampshire, which followed earlier stops at Plymouth State University and Saint Anselm College, as the Obama campaign works to win back young voters discouraged by the current state of the economy and the job market.

Booker said it was great to feel "the enthusiasm and energy" as he toured the state on Friday. "It's not what happens in Washington, but what happens in cities like this that determines our outcomes."

But change, he said, "doesn't just happen. It has to come in because people stand for it."

Booker urged the students in attendance to get involved, to work to make sure that Obama gets reelected in what is seen as .

He said Obama is doing "very meaningful things," and he is tired of the "state of sedentary agitation" he sees overtaking the country today.

"But I'm not just here to say vote for this guy," Booker said. "This is a state where we need people to get more organized, more involved. Wherever this state goes, it could take the whole country as well. The leadership in this state is critical in the coming months."

Camilla Cooper, a 20-year-old UNH student who will be voting in her first presidential election next year, said she was impressed with Booker.

"I thought he was a really good speaker," she said. "He's really inspirational." An independent, she was originally leaning toward voting Republican next fall. "(But) after watching his speech, I'm kind of confused."

Matty S December 12, 2011 at 04:49 PM
June '08 64 new cops hit the street, 114th class goes in the next month, and graduate in Jan '09 March sees furloughs proposed for 2,700 city employees, expected to save $6 million over 18 months. Mayor blames Corzine, says Newark is following his lead. September '09 115th recruit class enters Newark Police Academy, bringing to 184 the number of cops hired under Booker. February 2010 the mayor, B.A., city clerk all sign off on new contracts for police and fire, no mention is made of layoffs or contractual concessions possible in the future. April 2010, 115th class graduate from academy, one month prior to mayoral election between Booker and Clifford Minor. Booker runs commercials showing him runnig the streets of Newark with the academy class during their training. May '10, Booker easily wins election, securing 2nd term. July '10 city announces to police and fire layoffs are coming unless concessions are made. Mayor goes on various media outlets and claims he is "only" asking for a few hundred dollars in concessions from each member. Even if you assume the mayor means $500 per member, with 1000 cops, that amounts to $500,000 in concessions. The budget gap was 9.5 million, how does that work? Yet every person watching tv or listening to the radio is thinking "oh, thats not much, why cant the cops work with that?" The reality is the city wanted $10,000 in concessions, per guy.
Matty S December 12, 2011 at 05:04 PM
Layoffs happen November 30th, 2010. 162 of Newarks youngest cops, shown the door. The mayor says Newark wont miss a beat, nobody will notice the difference. In the 1 year since those layoffs have occured, compared to the same time frame the year before, homicides increased 17%, shooting incidents increased 29%, shooting victims increased 33%, carjacking increased 74%, robberies increased 18%, and burglaries increased 17%. Somebody noticed the difference. It was all those extra victims. The NPD does not have cameras in their cars, they can not write reports on in car computers, there are still typewriters in their precincts, there are no defibrillators in their cars, no oxegen tanks, no medical equipment to help save lifes. The mayor of newark travels the United States giving speeches to captive college crowds, going on Opra, going on Gayle King, where the message is always the same. He touts Newark, and the job he has done. I wish I was sitting in those crowds, I would have plenty of questions.
Jim Shanor December 12, 2011 at 05:34 PM
@Matty S: Keep up the good work bird-dogging the police administration. Don't know how to get more money for social services and infrastructure without raising taxes. I still like Cory Booker, and I think he will go further as a politician than as a city administrator. Merry Christmas.
Matty S December 12, 2011 at 06:21 PM
While mayor was visiting all those New Hampshire colleges, this is what was happening in Newark http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/12/man_in_serious_condition_after.html
Joe D December 13, 2011 at 08:30 PM
If "Twitter Mayor" is the best Obama can do to help him campaign, well, then thats SAD!


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