Losing When Snoozing: Tonight's Show is Sold Out

Sure, but there are several other fun acts coming up at the Community Theatre.

Like the title says: You snooze, you lose.

Franklie Valli is sold out tonight at the Mayo Performing Arts Center. But, there are still a number of interesting acts coming up there (yes, we know this is strictly one's opinion. You may like others we don't list here. Hence, why we gave this lovely little column the "opinion" tag today). Such as:

  1. You Need to Know About Tracy Morgan: So, apparently, 30 Rock's portrayal of fictional Tracy Jordan mirrors real-life Tracy Morgan. Personally, we think that makes for at least one entertaining evening (Dr. Spaceman! Get it? No? Oh, what do you know ...). And, he was kind enough to come back to town after several months ago due to . He's coming to town on Saturday.
  2. Who hasn't wanted to just take a drum and bang, bang, bang? Rhythm is fun. Rhythm is fun, however, when you actually know what you're doing. "Blast," winner of the 2001 "Best Theatrical Event," appears to know what it's doing. They're coming to town on Jan. 28.
  3. We'll admit to being comic book nerds during our formative years. We probably still would be–but those things are just too darn expensive. This show puts that nerdery to good use, with a graphic novel projected on-screen, as three actors perform. And, this isn't the last you'll hear about this on this site (psst, we interviewed the creator of the project). They're coming to town on Jan. 29.
  4. He has been called the fastest violin player in the world. And, the charasmatic long-haired virtuoso will be showing off his stuff here in Morristown on Feb. 1.
  5. You Need to Know About 'Morristown's Got Talent:' We can't forget a little homegrown love, can we? Mark your calendars for Feb. 29, as the fifth-annual event is sure to be a great one (psst, we'll have interviews with all of the finalists over the next month or so, leading up to the big shoo, as Ed Sullivan might have said).


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