Question/Poll: How Fit Are Morristown Patch Readers?

Be honest; it's an anonymous poll.

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, the official "gorging season" is nearly upon us.

Which got us here at Morristown Patch thinking about our less ... taut areas, and what we could, or should do to tighten some of those spots up.

Then, we remembered Dad's traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, the holiday parties, the overindulgence in the name of "getting in the spirit." Man, this is going to be a tough couple months.

With Bike & Walk Morristown's monthly meeting happening tonight at Greenberry's, a gym right in downtown Morristown, everything within biking or walking distance, it seems these three-square-miles of heaven would be the ultimate place for folks to stay fit. So, let's find out.

Take the poll below and be honest (we're going to be. Hey, it's anonymous)! Just how fit are Morristown Patch readers? Could we use a few more repetitions with the dumbbells, a few less repetitions with the beer mugs? Is it just because it's getting late in the year, a little colder, that workout regimens are being scaled back? Is Morristown a tad lazy (but, fun and adorable!) bunch, or is that just us? Chime in below.


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