The Jury Box: The Verdict is Positive

This deli and grill near the Morris County Courthouse is a welcome addition to Morristown's culinary landscape.

I hope sticks around Morristown for a long time.

It's the perfect menu for the location, just steps from the . On the days I've had to spend there for a court case, I have often needed to grab something and get back on the computer. To be honest, has never thrilled me. And other nearby places like , and are better-suited for a sit-down kind of meal. is OK. But, really, based on what I have eaten so far at The Jury Box, it doesn't hold a candle.

Located in the former location of 'N All That Jazz Cafe–a place that was closed before Morristown Patch was even a glimmer in my eye–The Jury Box is small and simple. A counter welcomes you with various pastries, bagels, salads and meats. An extensive menu is on the wall, with goofy names for sandwiches like the Fat Albert and Howard Stern.

Those sandwiches are the two I have enjoyed so far at The Jury Box. The first, hot roast beef with sweet and spicy peppers, was a greasy, delicious affair. A man's sandwich, if such a thing exists.

More recently, I ordered–per recommendation from manager Dia Jamhour–the Howard Stern, homemade chicken salad with bacon and American cheese between an onion bagel.

Opting instead for Swiss, I watched as one of the employees scooped a generous portion of chicken salad from behind glass, while another employee prepared the bacon. The sandwich was wrapped, along with a pickle and napkins, placed in a bag and I was off to the nearby pocket park that .

Sometimes a mayo-based entree like chicken or tuna salad can end up a little greasy. Whether this is from cheap mayonaise, or too much of it, I'm not sure. But, the chicken salad in my Howard Stern (ugh) was creamy without being greasy. The chicken was tender and plentiful. The bacon crispy, salty and everything bacon is supposed to be. The Swiss was a nice alternative, while the onion bagel was thick and chewy. And, at $6, this is a helluva good deal for lunch.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with what I have had so far at The Jury Box. I can only hope the place stays consistent, and perhaps considers other sandwiches with more local names. The "Morristown Patch" perhaps? We're only throwing it out there.


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