Closet Criminals, TV on the Brain

Well, actually, just TV upside the head.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Closet Criminals: They say if you've done nothing wrong, you have no reason to hide ... really badly. Tell that to the eventual arrestees reportedly found , or . Police in Barnegat and Toms River say they ran into those two scenerios, as the Shore-area criminal element has, apparently, been taking cues from R. Kelly and/or 7-year-olds playing hide-and-seek everywhere.

Cinderella Story: Haddonfield police didn't have a report of a suspect to go on . They didn't know what the burglar looked like, how tall he was, even if he was a he. But what they do believe they knew—what his shoe looked like. They found a print from Adidas sneakers, with a three-leaf pattern, that just happened to match the shoes of a man stopped shortly after the burglary for allegedly skipping a fare at a nearby PATCO staoin, and soon after charged in another burglary from Palmyra. Well, if the shoe fits ...

Couldn't See It Coming? If the residents of a home in Toms River had advance warning police were on the way, it still didn't do them much good. Police said they conducted a raid at . People inside could so who was coming from monitors stationed in two rooms, police said. And yet officers still managed to execute their raid, in which they reportedly found a dozen bags of heroin, a handgun, ammunition and drug paraphernalia. So the bad news for the residents is the cameras didn't help much. The good news is, if the producers of Cops are interested, half their work is done for them.

Video Killed the Radio Star ... and police say . Lawrence Township police say two Trenton men were trying to steal televisions from a Radio Shack when the clerk spotted one and gave chase. The alleged shoplifter took a swing at the clerk with a TV, police said, though the clerk wasn't seriously injured. The men were eventually caught, police said. They say TV rots the brain. They never tell you it could put you in danger of a concussion.

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