Drunk Driver Crashed, Tracked Down By Motorist, Cops Say

Morristown man allegedly involved in accidents on I-78 before being stopped in Chatham.

A Morristown man believed to be involved in two accidents on Interstate 78 was arrested for drunk driving Wednesday, Chatham Borough Police said.

Christopher Grandados, 25, was charged with driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance and reckless driving.

Police also determined Granados "was involved in at least two motor vehicle accidents" on I-78 before he entered Chatham, according to a statement released by Kevin O'Shea, of the Chatham Borough Police Department.

A motorist approached Patrolman Andrew Chase and informed the officer he was following a black Hyundai involved in one of the two accidents and whose driver appeared to be intoxicated, the report said. The motorist said he saw the driver pull into the Chatham Exxon on Main Street, the report said.

Chase approached the Exxon and saw a black Hyundai leave the gas station and pull into another Main Street business, the report said. He stopped the car and spoke with Granados, who appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, the report said.

Granados was processed and turned over to the Morris Township Police on an outstanding $500 warrant. New Jersey State Police also issued Granados motor vehicle summonses in reference to the two accidents on Route 78.

Chris January 21, 2013 at 04:29 PM
With all the bars in Morristown, I am surprised that we don't hear about Drunken Driving more often. I guess we have some pretty responsible drinkers that come here!
Tommy Fox January 22, 2013 at 05:16 AM
The article says he was a Morristown resident, not that he drank at the bars here. He crashed on route 78, which doesn't come close to Morristown, and was pulled over in Chatham, 20 minutes away from here. So why the attack on bars? It's obvious you have an agenda, but at least wait for articles that pertain to it
Cletus January 22, 2013 at 05:44 AM
Does blood just shoot right out of skin as thin as yours? Toughen up, Tammy!
Chris January 22, 2013 at 03:09 PM
I was reading this on Morristown Patch, so I thought I would be discussing with a Morristown audience. But, no. I was saying cheers to the Morristown Bar crowd! Everyone always says that Morristown is all bars and the bars are so bad. But, I never usually hear about drinking and driving in Morristown.


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