Drunken Driver Downed a Dozen Drinks, Cops Say

Driver tells Morristown Police he drank 12 Bud Light Lemons before getting behind the wheel of the car, according to report.

Excessive horn usage and tailgating led to the arrest of 30-year-old Baltimore man last Sunday, according to Morristown Police.

Officer Joseph Heuneman's report said Freddy Mauricio Tacuri-Morocho sounded the horn of his Hyundai, twice, at the driver of a silver minivan "for an excessive period of time" as the van was cautiously making its way around Heuneman's patrol car on Early Street. 

Tacuri-Morocho was following the van "dangerously close" and crossed the double yellow line when turning on to Mills Street, triggering a traffic stop, the report said. 

Heuneman said in his report Tacuri-Morocho's eyes were bloodshot and a smell of alcohol was coming from the vehicle. When asked how much he had to drink that night, Tacuri-Morocho deferred to his passenger, who told him to say "dos" and Tacuri-Morocho told Heuneman "dos," the report said.

After failing field sobriety tests, Tacuri-Morocho was arrested and brought to police headquarters where he refused to complete Breathalyzer testing, the report said. 

According to Heuneman, when asked at Morristown Police Headquarters how many drinks he consumed that evening, Tacuri-Morocho said "12 Bud Light Lemons."

Tacuri-Morocho was charged with drunk driving, refusal to submit breath samples, improper use of his horn, failure to maintain his lane and failure to provide a valid insurance card, the report said.


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