Drunken Man Stopped From Driving Curses Out Officer, Police Say

Paterson man banned from returning to Morristown’s Headquarters Plaza.

A 33-year-old Paterson man was arrested after yelling obscenities at a police officer and a Headquarters Plaza security guard who were trying to stop him from driving drunk, a Morristown police report said.

According to Officer James Green's report, he found Aaron Lowe Jr. parked in a black Acura with the motor running and the headlights on in the first level of the parking deck. While asking for identification, Lowe appeared to be highly intoxicated, Green said.

According to the report, Lowe agreed to follow Plaza security upstairs and obtain another ride home. But Lowe then began cursing at the security guard and refused to go to the lobby, according to the report.

“I again asked Lowe if he had arranged for someone to pick him up due to his level of intoxication,” Green wrote in his report. “Instead of providing me an answer, Lowe began yelling irately and yelled he should not be in any trouble because he never moved his vehicle.”

Green’s report said he informed Lowe he could be charged with driving while intoxicated because his vehicle was found running. Lowe “yelled that I was lying” and attempted to push his cell phone in Green’s face saying that he was on the phone with his fiancée who is an attorney, the report said.

Green’s report said Lowe complied to the request to step back, but continued to yell and curse.

Lowe yelled “I will f--- you up, f--- boy” and continued to refer to the officer as “f--- boy” rather than comply with the request to leave the area, the report said.

Lowe was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and brought to Morristown Police headquarters and placed in a holding cell to calm down, the report said.

According to Green’s report, when police attempted to process Lowe he was “unable to stand and began spitting on the floor.” Lowe was taken to Morristown Medical Center and later released on his own recognizance with a Jan. 19 court date, the report said.

Lowe was also placed in the trespass log for Headquarters Plaza and was advised he would be arrested if he returned, the report said.  


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