Father of MHS Teen Who Died: Trust Your Parents

Urges teens who are struggling to come to family for help, as more than 200 people attend Lennon Baldwin's funeral service.

Hundreds of people came out on Monday morning to mourn the death of student Lennon Baldwin.

Lennon died last Wednesday, and officials from several agencies are working together on an investigation. While there has been no official determination annouced by authorities, several media outlets have referred to Lennon's death as an apparent suicide, and much of the conversation surrounding his death has focused on the possibility bullying could have played a role.

Friends and family at the funeral service held at the described Lennon as a kid with a great sense of humor. They said he loved to travel and was an avid bowler. They also touched on his musical talent and his love for playing the guitar and drums. Several musical tributes were given at the service.

Lennon's high school's choral octet sang a few Beatles songs. His older brother, Robbie Baldwin, played the guitar and sang a song as well.

"What I want to do is focus on the kids, because they're the ones who are really hurting here," Lennon's father, John Baldwin, said.

He and other speakers focused on how those in attendance could help prevent such a tragedy from recurring.

John Baldwin told the teens in the audience how important it is to go to their parents for any problems they may have. He asked them to do it for Lennon.

"Trust in your parents, and always remember they have unconditional love," he said.

During the service, Senior Pastor Neill Tolboom asked everyone to remember how Lennon has touched everyone, and to honor him by being kinder and gentler to one another.

A Morristown High School student who only identified herself as Keely said she didn't know Lennon well, but only heard positive things about him.

"I've heard that he was really nice, and just a normal kid," she said.

Many friends of Lennon's and others in the community have used social media outlets to show support and express their feelings of grief. There is a Facebook page dedicated to Lennon, and one of Lennon's friends posted on Youtube a video drawing a portrait of him.

Last Friday the students organized a candlelight vigil. There was also another service held at the Assumption Church that day.

Lennon's death is currently being investigated by the Morris County Prosecutor's Office Major Crime Unit, Juvenile Unit, Computer Crimes Unit, Morris County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Section, and the Morris Township and Morristown Police departments.

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Coreen Onnembo April 02, 2012 at 08:34 PM
God bless your soul dear Lennon. Our prayers go out to your family and those you loved. Rest in peace!
Alexandria Misthos April 02, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Heartbreaking. No words...I'm so sorry. Sending light and love to the Baldwin family and friends. Hopefully, Mr. Baldwin's and Pastor Tolboom's message push MHS students and others to be nicer and kinder to one another. It has changed me.


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