Man Accused of Violence Toward Cops Claims He Was Denied Medical Attention

Maplewood man says authorities never called for medical services despite request, was taken into custody 20 minutes later.

A photo shows markings on Daniel Ives' neck he claims were sustained from Dark Horse Lounge security guard. Photo Courtesy Daniel Ives
A photo shows markings on Daniel Ives' neck he claims were sustained from Dark Horse Lounge security guard. Photo Courtesy Daniel Ives

A Maplewood man arrested in Morristown for allegedly becoming violent toward a police officer claims he was denied medical attention and his behavior while waiting for help was misinterpreted by authorities.

Daniel Ives was taken into custody on Dehart Street after calling the police to report he was assaulted by security guards at the Dark Horse Lounge. He was later charged with creating a dangerous condition. But Ives says had he not been denied his request, the situation would not have escalated. 

Ives said he was inside the bar and waiting for friends as the business was closing when he got into an altercation with an employee of the Dark Horse. Before the situation grew larger, Ives claims he was put in a chokehold by one of the security guards and forcibly taken outside.

The Dark Horse Lounge recently was denied renewal of its liquor license. Find out more about that here.

He then called Morristown Police to report an assault. When officers arrived, Ives claims he requested medical attention.

“The cop wrote it down on a piece of paper and never called anyone,” Ives told Patch. “So I waited across the street for about 20 minutes, and I was hurting. I got frustrated and threw my hands in the air. For whatever reason [police] thought that was me being violent and they arrested me.”

Ives also claims one of the persons he was with overheard a police officer say, “Why don’t black people listen to us?” At that point he felt he was being targeted because of his race.

Ives is listed as a black male on the police report, but is actually bi-racial: half Caucasian and half West Indian. The police report also says Ives called the officers “n------,” but the Maplewood man told Patch, that while being taken into custody, he said aloud, “They’re arresting me because I’m a n-----.”

Ives did not deny calling the officers a homophobic slur as listed in the police report.

Lt. Stuart Greer of the Morristown Police Department said the listing of Ives as a black person on the police report was at the discretion of the arresting officer, and the department has a group of options used to categorize an individual’s race.

As for denying medical attention to Ives, Greer believes if it was requested it would have been granted.

“When an individual asks for medical attention, it actually tends to alleviate the situation,” Greer said. “At that time an ambulance will come and, if necessary, take the person to the hospital for evaluation. Often it creates a less volatile atmosphere.”

Greer said he expects his officers to act in the highest standard and is used to having allegations thrown at the department.

“When you mix alcohol and emotion it can became a dangerous situation,” he said. Greer told Patch he watched video of a patrol car camera during Ives’ transport to the police station and more video from the booking procedure, and didn’t see any of the officers acting inappropriately.

Ives, who has never been arrested, claims it was a matter of not being served properly.

“I’m not a violent person, I’m a good guy,” he said. “I had a level of frustration, and it was wrong, but I was choked by a bouncer and wanted medical attention. Rather than the police protecting and serving, I just got served.” 

Griz719 July 03, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Seriously? That required medical attention? I wouldn't have called them in either. Why should the tax payers pay for any medical personnel to waste time on a scratch that didn't even break the skin? I think they have more pressing matters than to dab bacitracin on this D-Bags neck.


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