Morris Sheriff, Freeholders Debate Hiring of 9 Courthouse Officers

Edward Rochford drops lawsuit after freeholders agree to process new hires, but their status beyond 2014 might be in doubt.

Morris County Sheriff Edward Rochford wants new officers in his department and for them to be stationed at the county courthouse for security purposes.

Rochford is so adamant about the measure that he has sued the Morris County Board of Freeholders, according to dailyrecord.com.

However, Rochford withdrew the lawsuit on Monday when the freeholders agreed to process the paperwork for the new officers, according to NJ.com.

But it remains unknown if the county will have the money in the 2015 budget to keep the officers, NJ.com reported.

According to the Daily Record, Rochford processed nine people to begin training as of July 19, and stated the Sheriff is complying with direction from Judge Thomas Weisenbeck’s to install officers in civil courtrooms and child support enforcement hearings. Previously officers were used only when emotional or volatile situations were anticipated.


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