Morristown Bar Patron Arrested After Trying to Fight Bouncer, Cops Say

Morristown man charged with defiant trespassing.

An unruly and allegedly intoxicated Morristown man was arrested after trying to force his way back into a bar he had already been asked to leave, police said.

While on patrol just after 1 a.m. on June 2, Officer Joseph Heuneman was contacted by several bystanders outside Veronica’s on Speedwell Avenue, alerting him to a “commotion” outside the bar, police said.

Heuneman noticed four people pushing and shoving each other, and when the officer approached the group he found Carlos Soereno, 36, was being restrained by another person, police said. Soereno was attempting to force his way to the business’s bouncer, Cesar Gonzalez, police said.

Gonzalez told police he would not allow Soereno back into the bar because he was too intoxicated, according to a police report. After being told he wasn’t allowed in several times, Heuneman said, Soereno grabbed the bouncer by the neck and attempted to hit him before being pushed away.

Soereno told police he had been inside the bar drinking since about 8 p.m., Heuneman said. Police told the Morristown man to leave the area and not come back to that bar for the duration of the evening, police said.

Soereno left the area and Heuneman watched him enter Danny’s Pub, which he then left just a few minutes later and headed back to Veronica’s, police said.

Soereno began walking to Veronica’s in a “intently and purposefully” manner, Heuneman said. Before getting to the bouncer, an unidentified man restrained Soereno as police came back to the scene.

Heuneman was forced to chase after Soereno for a short distance before apprehending him and placing him under arrest, police said. Soereno was charged with defiant trespassing and given a court date.


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