New Employee Allegedly Stole $2K From Dunkin' Donuts

Police viewed surveillance video of Cory Road resident allegedly taking two bundles of cash from office just before he began training.

An arrest warrant was issued Jan. 12 for a newly-hired Dunkin' Donuts employee, after police viewed surveillance video of him taking more than $2,000 from the office.

The manager for the Lafayette Avenue Dunkin' Donuts reported to police at around 2:30 p.m. that 26-year-old Tyrone Harris, of Cory Road, just hired that day by the store had taken $2,136 from his desk, according to a report filed by Officer Beverly Downy. 

The manager told police he had two rolls of money—one containing all singles, the other with mixed bills totaling $2,136—in the drawer in his office. The only other person who had seen that money was Harris, whom had left an hour before the manager had called police, according to the report.

The officer and manager watched the surveillance video, which showed the manager and a clearly-visible Harris in the room, the report said. The manager opened a drawer to retrieve a label gun for Harris' nametag, which revealed the two bundles of money, then closed the drawer and walked out of the room, the report said.

Harris leaned over and opened the drawer, taking the cash before the manager returned, according to the report. The entire incident took about 10 seconds, police said.

Harris soon began his training but quickly told the manager he would actually finish his training online and left, according to the report.

Police searched the area with negative results. The manager was told to contact police if Harris returned to the store.

No updated information on whether Harris had been arrested by police was provided as of Tuesday afternoon.

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