Funny Readers, Cops Say Teen Sprouted Weed Biz

Also, a tip: Leave the crack pipe at home.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

A Little Help From Our Friends: Usually, we handle the sarcasm and snippiness ourselves when looking over the week's wacky police news. But a few readers of Toms River Patch made us smirk after they .

"" asks "Why would that savage steal a Salty's Ice Cream sign?" Fellow reader "" (probably not his or her real name) follows up with "... and how do you hide something like that?" And then the punchline, from : "You hide it under 50 lbs. of whip cream and cherries."

Also, from ":" "Here's the scoop: This spring, watch for the grand opening of (W)alty's Ice Cream. No one will ever connect it with this robbery. ... The crook will never get his just desserts."

Thanks for doing our job for us, guys. In the biz, that's what we call User-Generated Smartaleckery.

Just Trying to Make Some Green: A Montville Township teen who allegedly had more than a dozen bags of marijuana and a scale in his car . The charges that followed weren't the kind that go on a customer's credit card.

Good Dog: You know how you get a criminal suspect to stop hiding in his girlfriend's attic? You bark at him. At least, you do if you're a Lakehurst police dog. Two-legged officers might not have been enough to bring down the man wanted for an alleged simple assault, , Manchester, NJ Patch reports.

Did He Think The Car Would Blend In? There are some cars thieves know to target—usually highly successful mass-market vehicles, since the parts can be sold easily. Then there are some cars thieves usually know not to go for ... like, say, a cop's patrol car. And yet, ?

Out of Order: You know where you shouldn't bring crack pipes? Well, anywhere. You know where you really really really shouldn't bring them? If you said "municipal court," you probably weren't .

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Young Stingy February 08, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Poor kid was just trying to make it in the business world.


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