'Suitcase Killer' Looking for Sentence Relief Decade After Murdering Husband

Former Morristown fertility nurse set to appear in court in June, looking for post conviction relief, report says.

Seven years after being sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering her husband, Melanie McGuire is scheduled to head back to court in June in search of reducing her sentence.

Notoriously known as the Suitcase Killer after cutting her husband’s body up and packing it into three suitcases that were thrown into the Chesapeake Bay, McGuire, a former nurse at a Morristown fertility clinic, is seeking post-conviction relief, according to dailyrecord.com.

Despite a request for an appeal in Sept. 2011 being denied, McGuire filed for the post conviction relief just a month later, the report said, and is now scheduled to be back in court nearly three years after, on June 27 in New Brunswick.

William McGuire was murdered on April 28, 2004, and Melanie McGuire’s sentence says she must serve at least 63.5 years before becoming eligible for parole, the report said. 


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