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Over $1.2M in Green Acres Funding Hinges on Fence

Fence going up to block off section of Madison Recreation Center that is in need of environmental remediation.

A fence is being constructed around a section of the Madison Recreation Center that is not being used for recreation purposes so Madison can receive more than $1.2 million in state Green Acres funding toward the 2008 acquisition of the property.

The Borough Council approved a resolution at its Monday meeting authorizing Madison to contract with E.B. Fence to install the fence for a total of $33,471.90, and authorized the borough to execute a notice of deed restriction "to facilitate the disbursement of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Green Acres Program funding."

Borough Engineer Bob Vogel said environmental issues were identified when the property was acquired in 2008.

He said the site will eventually be 100 percent in compliance with site remediation standards, but, for the time being, fencing is the most econonomical way to get funds released.

Madison Station December 14, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Articles like this kill me. What type of environmental issues?! Are we talking about soil erosion control or 700 leaky barrels of haxavalent chromium? Also, what is the expected price tag of remediation?
Jake Remaly December 14, 2012 at 03:04 PM
All good questions, thank you. I also would like to give a better idea of where on the property this is. My understanding is there are levels of something in the soil that exceed state standards, which I'm told is easy to do, though it's not a section of the property that is being used for anything. I haven't heard a price tag or time table for the remediation yet.
The Madison Truth Squad December 14, 2012 at 05:38 PM
If they are willing to spend $34K just to get by in the short term, you can be sure the eventual cost will be at least 10x as much. It's also interesting that this issue was pushed back until AFTER the election as it would have raised more questions about the one candidate who was on the council in 2008, and why Madison ended up with two contaminated properties on her watch. The community has never been told what the real issue is, where the problem resides, or how much it will cost, even though the borough's engineer is quoted as saying, ". . environmental issues were identified when the property was acquired in 2008." Kudos to her friends in high places for their deft political maneuvering. One other note - Where are all the people who were screaming about the turf fields and how they were going to KILL the children?? This issue looks to be a lot more serious, yet their "voices of concern" are nowhere to be found. Hypocritical?
Madison Station December 15, 2012 at 05:02 AM
If there are levels of something that exceeds standards, is it from the Exxon research facility? What other past uses has this land seen? Truth squad- people only like to complain about the things they can see. An unkept lot with foot tall grass is taboo and must be rectified immediately, but leaky oil tanks can be kept underground and continue leaking, so long as you don't sell the home.


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