Rep-Am: Southbury Zoning Official Will Not Face Charges

Zoning official was facing threatening charges after a dispute with a local business owner.

A Southbury zoning official will not face charges as a result of allegedly threatening and intimidating a town business owner.

The Republican-American is reporting that assistant building and zoning enforcement officer Paul Liphardt was cleared when a judge refused to sign a warrant to charge Liphardt with breach of peace.

Liphardt reportedly got into a confrontation with the business owner in March and at the beginning of April.

In a , resident and former selectman Carol Renza called Southbury officials an "incompetent town hall gang." Renza made the comment in reference to First Selectman Bill Davis' failure to reprimand Liphardt, who Renza said already has three strikes against his credibility.

carol renza June 12, 2011 at 06:11 PM
No taxpayer should ever fear being targeted or retaliation by any employee of town hall for speaking out. Mr. Davis by permitting out of control behavior without fear of disciplinary action has fostered this sentiment. He is a totally incompetent and inexperienced manager as we have learned during his tenure. Shame on him and the Board for permitting such behavior of any employee as was outlined in the original Republican American article, particularly with several complaints on file. To our citizens: you must contact the head of the RTC and urge them NOT to support another term by Davis. He has done enough damage to the credibility of the rest of the BOS, and Southbury's reputation.
Dump Davis June 14, 2011 at 12:09 PM
Married to a former policeman's wife and sharing office space with the first selectman's Wife sure does have its perks esp with someone with an IQ of 2 remember when he told a contractor to knock down a house unbeknownst to the out of state owner. glad my hard earned money is subsidizing his $125000 boat.
John Platt June 14, 2011 at 01:36 PM
I keep reading things I didnt know here, and really scratching my head on how this continues? What is it going to take to get him some help. Counceling, ethics trainings and anger management is a good start if some one wants to over come behaviors and keep a job. I have put back a golf cart I was selling for a friend in my yard after being told to remove it by the town last week. He came on my land when I was not here, toured my business, and then I got the call to remove the golf carts. One is mine, one was for sale. If I choose to sell a golf cart from my own home property, I will.
Tom Spooner June 14, 2011 at 03:01 PM
Hey Folks "Get a Life" will ya PLEASE!
John Platt June 14, 2011 at 07:14 PM
Just make sure and keep Delores, she is a gem.


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