Town Council Meets Tuesday Night

Get up to speed with what's on the agenda.

The meets for its bi-weekly meeting at 7:30 p.m. tonight, Jan. 24.

As always, let us get you up to speed with what's going on. You also can check out the entire agenda, included with this post.

  1. You Need to Know About Bethel AME Kitchen Renovation: was just one of many places . A public hearing for a Morris County Community Development Block Grant application for this will be presented at the meeting.
  2. You Need to Know About 'Advanced Learning:' Darsi Beauchamp, founder and CEO of Advanced Learning and DDB Productions (150-152 Speedwell Ave.) will explain how "Advanced Learning" works with school districts with regard to special education.
  3. You Need to Know About the 'Alex DeCroce Crime Victim's Bill of Rights:' In honor of Assemblyman Alex DeCroce, , this resolution would support the renaming of the "Victim's Bill of Rights" legislation in honor of the assemblyman.
  4. You Need to Know About Pocahantas Dam: A resolution authorizing an application for a Community Development Block Grant for improvements to Pocahontas Dam, in the amount of $80,000, is on the agenda.
  5. You Need to Know About JCP&L Street Light Report: Councilwoman Alison Deeb brought up an ongoing issue with street lights out around town at the Jan. 10 meeting. It's under "unfinished business" on the Jan. 24 agenda.


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