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Hillcrest Avenue Closed Until Noon Tuesday

Election Night: Celebrations for a Re-Election

Candidates waited for the results, and to the victors go the spoils.

The anticipation at Morris County Democratic Committee Headquarters was thick on Election Night, as supporters and candidates awaited the first poll numbers to trickle in.

Mary Dougherty, chair of the Morristown Democratic Committee, said she was pleased that so many came out to the polls to show their support for Democratic candidates. Still, right up to the end, volunteers were scraping for every vote possible, making calls to constituents encouraging them to get out and vote.

"The response was a positive one with most saying they had either already voted earlier in the day or they were headed out shortly," Dougherty said. "We should start seeing preliminary poll numbers coming in a little after the 8 p.m. closing of the polls.

Fourth Ward council candidate Denis Ciklic said Tuesday night he was confident going into the final moments before the results were announced. "I did everything possible to get my message out there," he said.

Ciklic, however, would go on to lose this election, to Republican incumbent Alison Deeb. However, the room was not all doom and gloom, as their pick for Third Ward councilmember, Stefan Armington, would win out over Republican write-in candidate Ed Ramirez.

, it was time for the victors to celebrate.

Over in the First Ward, it was highly expected that incumbent Independent Rebecca Feldman would win another term over Republican write-in Jenny Peters, who disappeared from public view months before.

"It really wasn't even a race for candidate Rebecca Feldman," Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty said. "I'm looking forward to offering my congratulations to her."

Over at Feldman's house in the First Ward, a small group of friends and supporters stopped by to congratulate the councilwoman.

"I'm incredibly proud of her and I think it's awesome that she is willing to dedicate so much of her time and energy to the town for the benefit of all of us," said Dave Stowers, Feldman's husband "Although it has presented some challenges at times logistically with coordinating our busy schedules it has also proved to be invaluable for our daughters, Amira and Audra, to see the democratic process in action. They totally get it."

"We have the right person back in office," said councilwoman Michelle Harris-King, who stopped by Feldman's house to offer a congratulatory toast.

Margaret Brady, long time Morristown resident and chair of the Morristown Parking Authority Committee, also was pleased with the outcome. "She reads and writes, she adds and subtracts, she comes prepared to council meetings, she does her homework, which is really refreshing in Morristown politics," Brady said. "She follows through on her commitments and she is diligent in responding back to phone calls and emails from her constituents with questions and concerns."

"I feel grateful for the support of so many great people and to be given the opportunity to continue to do so much more for my community," Feldman said. "I'm ready to tackle bigger projects in the next four years and I welcome everyone's participation."


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