School Safety Top Issue at Superintendent Meeting

Dr. Joseph Ricca hosts an evening of 'Coffee and Conversation' Wednesday.

Parents in the East Hanover Township School District (EHTSD) have the chance to directly participate in a discussion on school safety, the 2013-14 budget and other issues at "Cocoa and Conversation with the Superintendent" Wednesday.

Dr. Joseph Ricca, the superintendent of the EHTSD, announced school safety and security will be the first issue discussed at the meeting. It tops the agenda, after introductions and contact information, as it tops many minds since the

"This situation is just so tragic, and as a teacher and a school leader, you look at it and can’t even imagine how terrible and devastating it is to the entire community," Ricca said in the days after the Newtown shooting. "It rattles you to the core. You can’t imagine how anybody could enter an elementary school building and commit such a horrible act."

The upcoming 2013-14 budget will also be up for discussion. We hope to gain valuable insight into how you think we should be working to allocate our resources. What is working well? Where could we direct additional resources? What do we need immediately?" Ricca said.

The proposed calendar for the 2013-14 school year will also be discussed, as will an update on harassment, intimidation and bullying in the district.

"Cocoa and Conversation with the Superintendent" will be held in the EHTSD Board of Education Conference Room at 20 School Ave., East Hanover at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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